Dog Owner Reviews


Before Sam, our 11 month old pup was stubborn, insecure, unruly, and untamed. He would pull us while on walks, going where he wanted, when he wanted because he would pull in the other direction and wiggle out of whatever harness he was in. He would chew the couch up when left alone and uncrated. When we tried to crate him, he broke (beyond repair) and escaped from 2 separate crates. He was too big, strong, and determined to actually stay in the crate and we were scared he was going to hurt himself breaking out or eating something he shouldn’t. We needed help. Now, just a month later, at 1 year old, Hunter knows his commands, heels well on and off the leash, and has overall much better impulse control. AND he is comfortable in the crate!!! Of course we need to maintain the training Sam instilled in him, but already it’s a huge difference. Literally night and day! Now, I’m confident we can get a new couch and not have it absolutely destroyed. We can go on nice, long walks without being dragged down the block toward a bird, person, or other dog. We couldn’t have done this without Sam and her board and train program! I’m so happy with his progress and we will continue to use Sam in the future for any boarding/training needs we might have! 10/10 recommend if you have a naughty dog who needs to be taught some manners.

- Ali Gungor


It’s only been two trainings and already our dog Wally is so much better. We adopted him at 8 months so we didn’t know his background. Very quickly we noticed he’s a runner (like bolts out the door and never looks back), prey aggressive, and skittish at times. Sam came to our home and did an evaluation-she listened, ask great questions and explained what we could expect. We opted for 10 training classes and couldn’t be happier. Sam has been wonderful in not only training Wally, but giving us the tools on how to help him as a family. We have two little girls and Sam is so great in getting the family involved. She’s super knowledgeable, patient, steadfast, and fun to be around. I cannot say enough about her and the work she does! It’s totally worth the investment since we expect our pup to be around for a very long time. I’m so glad we contacted Sam!

-Andrea Navarro Montelbano


I completed Sam’s online form for training for a german shepherd puppy I had just rescued and received a phone call from Sam less than 24 hours later. Sam spent an hour talking with me about what I hoped to accomplish, current challenges, and my willingness to dedicate the time and effort needed to successfully train my pup.

I signed up with Sam for a 6 session package right away — as a dog dad for the past seven years I was struggling to connect with and train my new pup and had basically secluded myself to deserted parks and not walking in the city.

After the first session, I felt more confident in my ability to train and lead my pup — and by the fourth session, we were heeling together and my pup was able to do sit, down, place, and heel without hesitation and on command. We had freedom to walk the streets together and I had the confidence to know she would heel alongside me the whole way.

By the sixth session, I was able to heel with both of my dogs (I retrained my older pup with the knowledge from Sam) on the lead — through parks, the streets, and hiking. Sam has continued to work with us post-package session to build off-leash confidence and abilities.

I cannot recommend Sam, her methods, and her brilliance enough! If you’re looking for someone to train you to train your dog and to get results quickly (so long as you follow Sam’s training!) so you can be confident and really enjoy your pup — then look no further than Sam. She is a wonderful person, cares deeply about us, and a gifted trainer!

-Joshua Wolf


We left Cleo, our Vizsla puppy, with Sam for a three week Board and Train and couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Cleo went from somewhat obedient/somewhat spoiled (okay…we really spoiled her silly cuz she’s so cute, but she listened to us…sometimes 😂) to amazingly obedient. I used to dread walking Cleo because of all her pulling;now I’m training her to be my running partner! Sam truly loves her trainees and knows her business. Highly recommend!

-Zimmerman Family


Well, where can I start?! My fiance and I sent Mack to Sam’s K9 for a board and train after a lengthy evaluation at our home. We sent him off under the impression it was just basic obedience training. Well that turned into quite a nightmare when other issues starting showing while with Sam. She did not hesitate for a second to figure out a way to help him through his anxiety’s and insecurities while talking to us everyday to keep us updated on his progress. Mack has now been home for 5 days, and is so much better than when he left for training. We still have much more to occomplish from home, but Sam is sticking by our side through it all. I am so grateful to her for everything she has done for us and all her continuous effort to make sure we don’t slack off as well. I can’t say thank you enough for everything you do! You are a total blessing to our family!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

-Brittany McCabe


I had researched and contacted many trainers and it just never felt ‘right’. Then I found Sam. After I filled out my inquiry on Sam’s website, she called me right away and gave me 60 mins of her time. She quickly understood exactly what the problems were and how we got to that point, and I knew then that it was the perfect fit. I didn’t know anything about board and trains prior to speaking with Sam. I actually thought it was for lazy people who wanted someone else to train their dog rather than putting in the work themselves. I quickly learned how ignorant and wrong I was!! What Sam did was lay a phenomenal foundation and teach Jameson all the skills he would need to be successful, but it’s up to the owner to maintain the training after the b&t concludes, so we are working hard every day with our dog to do that and guess what? It’s working! I would never have been able to get my dog to the level of behavior Sam got him to on my own. He is a calmer and happier dog after training. Before training, he had some basic skills, but he was afraid of children and pushed boundaries in and outside the home that resulted in inconsistent behavior, especially when distractions were present. Sam was able to address all of this and more with her program. Sam is not only a highly skilled dog trainer, but she’s also incredibly responsive and supportive to the humans. She taught us so much and we continue to learn from her. My dog adores her. I love that alumni have access to group pack walks and ongoing text/phone support long after the b&t ends. I love that the b&t takes place in a home environment not too different from my home. All the dogs in her care are calm, the area where the dogs stay is impeccably clean, and she even has a yard. My dog didn’t want to leave! I could go on and on. If you’re feeling frustrated and hopeless like I was, I cannot recommend this training program enough.

-Janine LaSalle


I can’t say enough good things about Sam! My husband and I have a pit bull who we rescued at the age of 2 1/2. Were not sure what his past was like exactly but we know it wasn’t good. Our sweet boy is so easy to love but he’s stubborn, horrible on a leash and unfortunately went after dogs before! I was at my wits end when I found Sam.. now he’s an amazing listener who just hangs out with us, walking him is a breeze and he pays no attention to other dogs walking by! If you’re even questioning about getting some training for your dog Sam is your girl. Since he’s been home I’m able to call her if I have any doubts and she’s so responsive and willing to deal with my crazy dog mom questions. Not only did she set my dog up for success with his obedience training but she truly cares to keep the training going by making you as the owner very aware of what to do and how to handle situations. I 10 out of 10 recommend her for anything and everything you need for your pup!

-Jessica Bachorik


Sam is extremely professional and did a wonderful job training my dog. She’s been very aggressive with other dogs since we adopted her and it’s been a struggle walking her. I can’t thank Sam enough for the great job she did! I can now walk my dog without anxiety! Sam is also extremely patient training owners on how to maintain a well behaved dog. Thanks Sam!

-Alyssa Dreikorn