Board & Train

(Learning Camp)

“It allows us to get the dog(s) to a better place mentally during training, prior to coaching and educating owners on how to maintain the progress”.

Our learning camp allows us to provide a working structure with your dog on a daily basis. During their stay we will be creating this universal language that will help us guide your dog(s) through life for them to ultimately learn how to make more desirable choices.

This new language must be reinforced throughout the life of your dog. You will return for one on one training sessions for us to transfer this language to you prior to your dog(s) departure with us.

Now welcome to your new happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle with your dog, go have fun!

Private Lessons

(1:1 Sessions)

Private sessions are a great way for owners to strengthen their relationship with their dogs as we guide, educate, and support you through the training process.

These training sessions will be with the trainer, you, and your dog. We will be coaching you step by step on how to create a language for you and your dog to share over the course of the program. Training sessions will be on a weekly basis for you to implement your new skills each week. This program is not just once a week for an hour, this is everyday! 

Providing structure for your dog will help lesson/extinguish unwanted behaviors. 

This option is not for dogs that exhibit fearfulness, anxiety, reactivity, dog or human aggression, or any other behavioral issue. 


Structured Boarding

This program is for our graduates only.

Dogs thrive on structure, boundaries and play but also being in a comfortable setting. Your dog will benefit from staying in a friendly and safe environment.  

We are not a mass kennel operations, this service is directly from within our home alongside our family and pets. This program is like mimicking a board and train where you dog will still maintain all the obedience it was taught while having outdoor fun, exercise along with quiet relaxation too. 

We thrive to make the dog feel like this is home away from home!

Hybrid Program

“The program that offers the best of both options that will fit almost any owners needs and goals”

Our hybrid program is the best of both options to fit most training needs and goals. You will work with your trainer one on one for a minimum of 3 one hour weekly sessions. This gives you the opportunity to learn some basic handling skills while also applying structure in your dogs everyday life. Your dog will then come to our learning camp for 16 days for us to teach your dog a foundation of behavioral skills and developing a language for you to share. You then will return for a one on one training session to transfer this language to you so you can be successful at home. Happy Training!