About Sam

Professional Dog Trainer

Providing Safe, Scientific Training Methods 

Sharing your life and home with your furry other can be a wonderful experience. They offer unconditional love and companionship. But having an untrained, unbalanced dog can be a nightmare. Dogs, like people, can gain bad habits and rituals that make for a stressful co-existence in your life. Training a dog gives a base structure using practiced commands to prevent unwanted behavior. Training makes for a balanced dog and a happy home.

My journey as a dog trainer started when I adopted my first dog. As a way of introduction, she dragged me down the street, chewed up toys, remotes, and was not fully house broken. I loved my dog and knew that I needed help. I sought out a dog trainer, who helped my dog (and me) learn the commands and basic structure of maintaining her training. I immediately knew this was meant for me and became so passionate about being able to one day help someone with their dog too; so I studied animal behavior, worked with various trainers, and attended workshops and seminars to be able to offer the best training techniques and methods to you.


Our Methods

We use scientific methods known as classical and the 4 quadrants of operant conditioning while all pairing with positive associations, resulting in your dog enjoying and even offering alternative and more desirable behaviors! Using rewards like food, toys, love and affection and access to desired resources keeps your dog happy, training fun and stress-free for both of you!